Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Crypto tracker picks up trail of funds heisted from Harmony Bridge in June By Cointelegraph


Crypto tracking platform MistTrack has followed funds taken in the Harmony bridge hack, publishing a list of 350 addresses associated with the attack. North Korea’s state-sponsored Lazarus Group is thought to be behind the hack. According to a Twitter thread posted on Jan. 23, the funds were transferred through various exchanges in an effort to elude trackers.

Funds in a number of tokens worth about $100 million were stolen from the Harmony bridge on June 23, then quickly swapped for (BTC), according to MistTrack, and returned to the wallet they had originally been transferred to. The bridge facilitates transfer between Harmony and the network, Binance Chain and Bitcoin. Harmony offered $1 million for the return of the funds, but the offer was not accepted.