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St. Louis, U.S.
San Francisco, U.S.
Founders, Payments
New York University (dropped out)
Founding Twitter and Square
Jack Dorsey #10
Founder and CEO of Twitter and Square
“[Bitcoin] was something that was born on the internet, that was developed on the internet, that was tested on the internet…It is of the internet.“


Jack Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter and mobile payments company Square. Dorsey has been a long-time Bitcoin advocate, stating in 2017 that blockchain is the “next big unlock.” On Nov. 27, 2019, Dorsey tweeted that Bitcoin will see its future defined by Africa and announced that he would return to the region in 2020 to advance this. However, in September 2019, Dorsey also said that Bitcoin isn’t ready to be a currency due to its volatility. Before entering the world of tech, Dorsey was a certified masseur and worked in fashion design.

Jack Dorsey’s 2019:

2019 saw major developments at the intersection of cryptocurrencies and established social media platforms. When Facebook announced plans to create a new cryptocurrency with the Libra project, regulators, lawmakers and many commentators were critical of the proposal, including Dorsey, who rejected the possibility of Twitter and/or Square joining the consortium governing the project.

This year, Dorsey made his allegiance to Bitcoin more direct with the launch of Square Crypto, a new team that will work to support Bitcoin adoption through infrastructure, protocol development and UX design. Dorsey was also cited saying that Africa, where he plans to return following a tour of the continent, will define Bitcoin’s future. At the close of the year, Dorsey announced that Twitter will be developing an open standard for decentralized social media platforms following a year of intense debate around censorship practices and potential biases of centralized services.

What Worldnewstalk expects for 2020:

On the outset of the new year, Dorsey is fully committed to directly advancing open, permissionless finance through Bitcoin and open standards for decentralized social media platforms, so we expect huge strides in development on both fronts. Depending on the stability and availability of Lightning Network payment channels, it is possible that Dorsey could integrate tipping or feeless Bitcoin payments into Twitter or Square.