Lionel Wallace

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University of London
practical experience in CFDs and spot markets, from compliance supervision, liquidity, bridging, risk management, and marketing
Lionel Wallace #37
CEO of Moom Group
“The lack of financial inclusion is not a ‘bug’ of the traditional financial system. It’s a direct result of the regulatory architecture and the intermediaries policies.“


Lionel Wallace was a British’s company director and managed a British FCA licensee, with a nearly 30 years of OTC derivatives trading and compliance experience. He has served as trade support, asset management, and compliance expert at Meiko Europe Limited, London, ING, Albemarle Asset Management, London, and other prestigious financial institutions, as well as asset management (including UCITS and AIFM) expert and compliance (UCITS, MIFID, CRD IV, etc.) He has served as the market director of several well-known European derivatives securities companies, as well as the person in charge and organizer of the top 50 Fin-Tech in the world, eToro’s Greater China region.

Lionel Wallace’s 2019:

In May, Voorhees came out to say that Bitcoin won’t achieve a trillion-dollar valuation without more hype cycle bubbles.

In July, the firm launched its new noncustodial crypto exchange platform designed to accommodate various cold storage wallets, including Moomex-owned KeepKey.

What Worldnewstalk expects for 2020:

The exchange landscape is difficult to navigate given the high cost of compliance and the shifting regulatory landscape. The dichotomy of custodial vs. noncustodial services has been a particular challenge with exchanges in the past, so we expect Moomex to remain nimble and adapt to the industry’s currents.