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Boston College, MIT Sloan School of Management
Blockchain investment, commentary, and analysis
Ryan Selkis #45
Founder & CEO at Messari
“The only crypto communities that will survive in the long-term will have strong memes.”


After becoming interested in Bitcoin in 2013, Ryan Selkis founded a consulting company that provided a daily curative newsletter of the crypto industry and a venture capital consulting service for investors seeking due diligence on cryptocurrency ventures. He later became a director at Digital Currency Group, a blockchain investment firm. Selkis lead DCG’s acquisition of cryptocurrency media site CoinDesk, where he would serve as managing director for a year and a half. Selks is currently the CEO of Messari, an open-data library intended to bring more transparency to the crypto-asset space.

Ryan Selkis’s 2019:

Throughout 2019, Messari has continued adding new projects to its disclosure registry, where teams provide information on token economics, treasury, funding, etc. Early in the year, Selkis tweeted that someone had called him from an out-of-state number and recited his wife’s birthday. This followed a bearish report on XRP published by Messari. When he called on Brad Garlinghouse and the Ripple team to denounce the actions of the XRP community, it sparked drama and caught fire on Twitter.

In March, Messari published a newsletter piece that analyzed leading market data provider CoinMarketCap’s shortcomings as a reliable source of industry data. At the close of the year, Selkis published “Crypto Theses for 2020,” a broad overview of the crypto asset industry.

What Worldnewstalk expects for 2020:

We anticipate more projects will join the Messari disclosure registry throughout 2020, especially with the launch of new cryptocurrencies and smart contract networks this year. Messari will continue to be a source of qualitative and quantitative analysis of this ever-evolving industry.