Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The rise of major Bitcoin mining institutions is inevitable By Cointelegraph


The rise of major Bitcoin mining institutions is inevitable

There are very few investments that can deliver an infrastructure-style downside case with a venture-capital-style upside. The combination of energy arbitrage with accumulating a balance sheet of (BTC) can deliver this. That is why we are seeing a rush of institutions pouring into the Bitcoin mining space and starting to build out megafacilities.

At its peak performance in 2018, Bitmain was able to produce over 95,000 rigs per week. However, since that point, production levels have come down, a partial result of its ongoing legal battle. In the other corner, MicroBT is set to deliver 1.3 million machines this year, adding 25,000 rigs per week to the mix.

Ethan Vera is the co-founder of Luxor Mining, a North American-based hash rate liquidation platform serving the Bitcoin and altcoin mining communities. In addition, Ethan is co-founder of Hashrate Index, a data website for every mining-related. Prior to joining the mining industry, Ethan was an investment banker at Goldman Sachs (NYSE:).