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XRPL Records 80M Closed Ledgers, Marking Decade of Blockchain Success By CoinEdition


© Reuters XRPL Records 80M Closed Ledgers, Marking Decade of Blockchain Success
  • XRP Ledger celebrates the closure of its 80 millionth ledger after ten years.
  • Ripple’s CTO emphasizes XRPL’s significance in CBDCs for cross-border payments.
  • receives Best Sustainability Initiative and Digital Currency Leader awards.

In a significant milestone for the XRP Ledger (XRPL), the renowned blockchain network has recently closed its 80 millionth ledger, signifying a remarkable decade-long journey of growth and success.

The XRPL explorer and network analysis platform, XRPScan, took to Twitter on Wednesday to announce the landmark victory for the XRP blockchain. The achievement highlights the enduring strength and reliability of the XRP Ledger and the continuous contributions made by its dedicated network participants.

Notably, each ledger represents a block of transactions successfully validated and recorded on the blockchain. The achievement underscores the remarkable number of times the XRP Ledger has processed and added new blocks, solidifying its position as a reliable and efficient network.

Since its inception approximately 10.5 years ago, the XRP Ledger has established itself as a prominent decentralized blockchain platform, revolutionizing digital transactions by offering users fast and cost-effective transactions using XRP tokens. Recently, Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, underlined the significance of the XRPL in relation to central bank digital currencies (CBDC), tweeting:

The CBDC Platform reaffirms the significance of the XRP Ledger as it’s built with the same core ledger technology. It has the ability to interact with XRPL and use XRP as a bridge currency for cross-currency and cross-border payments.

Additionally, Ripple, the company that created the XRPL, was recently awarded the Best Sustainability Initiative in Digital Currency and Digital Currency Leader of the Year at a digital currency conference.

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